Travel Quote of the Day!

Travel Quote of the Day!

475c816cb8096d1377006ad0542da30fAt the airport, awaiting the biggest journey of my life right now. I. Just. Want. To. Go.


What Happens at Summer Camp…

New York

This summer, I spent a good amount of time (2 months) taking on the role of a camp counselor.

” Life is better in the middle of nowhere!” was one of the camp quotes, as the location was surrounded by miles of rolling hills and farms in Pennsylvania. Constantly surrounded by nature, I captured some images of land I got to know well.

Aviary Photo_130531405702113111

As camp counselors, we got the privilege of having a day off each week. These days included opportunities to travel around the area and take a break from the campers… which was well needed.

One of my days off, I spent it in beautiful Ithaca (home to Cornell University). This majestic area was filled with waterfalls.

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NYC was located only 2 hours away. Therefore, many of my days were spent struggling with Metro-cards, indulging on real New York pizza, and breaking my neck to see the top of the skyscrapers.

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Walking through Time Square was overwhelming. I was constantly hearing a new language and spotting colorful outfits….including one Naked Cowboy! Always a pleasure to see…

Aviary Photo_130531403592469252Aviary Photo_130531404556277785One of the most serene places in NYC is the 9/11 memorial at Ground Zero. The waterfall dipped into an endless hole in the middle, which was both spooky and calming. The names of all the victims are visibly carved, and white flowers are placed for birthdays.

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A stroll through Central Park was enjoyable; especially playing in the water park section! We were the tallest humans there compared to the minion kid.

Aviary Photo_130531414064731010I crashed at a friends house located right outside of NYC one night, and I got an excuse to see and use Grand Central Station. One memory that stuck with me was when I was ordering a bagel, I asked for a Chocolate Chip Bagel. The cashier looked at me with the most disgusted and astonished look, replying that he has never heard of such flavor. I was so surprised because in the south and mid-west, sweet flavored bagels (blueberry, strawberry, chocolate chip, etc.) are normal. This memory still bothers me for some reason.

Aviary Photo_130531420391775284Needless to say, my camp experience was a valuable one. To make an impact on the campers lives, in an positive way, was my goal. I believe I reached that goal by providing them with an memorable summer!

I wanted to end with this quote I found on the NYC streets for inspiration!:)

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