About Me

About me

Hey y’all,

Just about now, you probably think you know at least one thing about me: I am from the south.

Well, yes…currently I am.

But I was born in Manchester, England to two Chinese parents who gave me everything. Not long after I barely learned how to walk and say my first words, the three of us moved to Berlin, Germany. Throughout the infant-toddler-kindergarten age, I traveled with my family throughout Europe…sadly, I don’t remember much. Just before starting elementary school, we settled ourselves in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. This little quirky and quaint city became the bases of my childhood memories. My family and I resided in Halifax for nine years; where my younger brother was born, where we bought our first house, and where I went through the awkward ages of puberty.  Right before starting high school, my family relocated to Kansas, USA. Of course, I was devastated. In the next three years, I learned to love the place and people…until I blinked my eyes, and I was in North Carolina, USA for my last year of high school. Whoa, I know, #thirdculturekid probs. BUT, I got into the school of my dream at UNC Chapel Hill (Go Heels!!) and I don’t regret anything.

All these years of moving has defined me as a person. Each place, I learned to adapt and appreciate the environment and people around me. Now…I get restless when I stay in one place too long. There is much to see, many people to meet, and more to explore and experience in this world.

This is why, I crave wonder and live as a drifter.


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